(Video) Man Gets Robbed for $7,500 Worth of…. Fantasies???

Earlie Johnson

Thieves in Muskegon, Mich. are not playing and are taking ANYTHING they can get their hands on. Earlie Johnson, 43 learned the cold reality of how brutal home invasions could be as he became a victim of stolen fantasies. No. Really. Stolen fantasies. Peep after the jump for more on this crazy burglary story.

Televisions, jewelry or money weren’t an important concern for Earlie Johnson, a recent victim of a home robbery in Muskegon, Michigan. His worst nightmare had finally come to light after discovering that his entire p-rn collection had been STOLEN. You read that correctly. Johnson claims the value of the collection had been appraised in Holland and is worth a whopping $7,500. Why? He was the proud owner of many rare, current out-of-stock and current videos of African-American p-rn. “I had a collection that had every African-American that’s ever been in p-rn, from the 70s up until now,” Johnson explained.

Wow. You bet you had it made with a simple Brazzers account.

Johnson, who nicked named himself the “Hugh Hefner of Muskegon,” wasn’t playing about his loss, walking a news camera crew through the scene of the crime while detailing the unfortunate incident. As distraught as he and his wife were the news reporter quotes Johnson saying, “Well, Mr. Johnson did not call the police because well… that’s just not what Mr. Johnson does. It’s not his way.” In my opinion, that had to be the funniest quote out of this ordeal.

The outcome of the story ought to cheer up Mr. Johnson because while police are still investing the case, Mike Kulich, owner of the Monarchy Distribution adult film company has offered to replenish Johnson’s catalog, and give him two tickets to the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas next year.



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